Welcome Message

449The City of Maryland Heights has created this website as way of providing our community and region with factual and up to date information regarding development in Maryland Park Lake District development area.

To better understand the history of the MPLD, and the opportunity for future development, we have compiled a wide range of publicly available information regarding the long-range development planned for this area. The website includes the following information:

  • The history of development planning in this area
  • A summary of the infrastructure improvements made in this area
  • A timeline of upcoming decision dates and public engagement opportunities
  • The latest news on development activities
  • Background on the City’s overall economic development and land use plans
  • Other related information

Much has been discussed about this area over the years, yet few people know the whole story. With this website, we want the public to become fully informed as development is now moving forward.

To be clear, the City envisions the approximately 2,000-acre Maryland Park Lake District Development Area to become a high quality and sustainable entertainment, recreation, hospitality, retail, residential, and business park area. This multi-faceted approach to development will help us achieve our long range economic development goals by creating a highly desirable and unique destination for the entire St. Louis metropolitan region.

Moreover, the City envisions a destination that preserves open space with trees, trails, parks, bike paths, gathering areas, environmentally friendly storm water features such as gardens or permeable surfaces, and other amenities.

With the 500+ year certified levee and the Maryland Heights Expressway (State Route 141) in place, this highly desirable ten square mile area is ready to grow into its full potential as perhaps the largest mixed-use development area in the St. Louis metropolitan area. After more than 30 years of planning by the City and St. Louis County, this region is poised to realize its full potential and become a model for successful planned developments.

As we move forward, we want to continue working together with the public to help make this development the best it can be. This website serves a platform for public information and will be updated on a regular basis as new information becomes available.  Please check back here regularly and stay fully informed.  Thank you for visiting!