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Here are relevant planning documents, reports and information from other key planning organizations.

01-Comp Plan Introduction Original-1City of Maryland Heights Comprehensive Plan: Section 7
Maryland Park Lake District
This section of the City’s Comprehensive Plan focuses on the Maryland Park Lake District. It provides an overview of the area including its location, size and transportation connectivity. The document outlines the City’s planning process and approach to assessing land use changes based on surrounding infrastructure improvements including the completion of the 500-year Howard Bend Levee in 2004 and its FEMA certification in 2006, as well as the extension of Page Avenue and Missouri Route 141. The section also explains how development of the Lake District helps the City achieve its strategic goals.

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Howard Bend part 1-1

1969 St. Louis County Plan
Many years before the City incorporated in 1985, St. Louis County created a plan in 1969 for developing the area known as the Missouri Bottoms, the 22,000 acres along the Missouri River in northwest St. Louis County. The 1,800 acres we refer to as the Maryland Heights Lake District are a key part of this plan. The County’s plan considers two development alternatives for this area based on whether or not infrastructure improvements are made. These improvements include a 500-year levee and the extension of Page Avenue and Missouri Route 141. If these improvements are completed, the development plan calls for industrial, commercial, recreational and residential uses. If improvements were not completed, the plan calls for agricultural and recreational uses such as a horse track or picnic areas.

To view parts one and two of the plan, click the links below:
Howard Bend part 1
Howard Bend part 2

2015_Databook-1City of Maryland Heights Data Book
The City’s Data Book is a collection of information regarding various aspects of the Maryland Heights community including our location, population, demographics (income, race, age, gender, household composition, etc.), as well as the status and condition of our housing stock (age, size, construction type). The document also assesses community amenities including school districts, fire protection, roadways and transportation access, and city services.

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Community Development Update
The Department of Community Development produces a Community Development Update at various times throughout the year to provide information to the public about new projects and the status of existing projects. The update includes information about a project’s location, size, scope and type (commercial, residential or industrial).

To view the most recent Community Development Update, click here.

Howard Bend Draft Report_FINAL-1Howard Bend Stormwater Management System and Implementation Guidelines
Produced in 2006, this document presents the framework and implementation guidelines for stormwater storage, movement/conveyance and retention systems for the area comprising the Maryland Park Lake District Development Area. The document outlines policies, goals and objectives designed to guide the process for selecting the best system options given different types of development possibilities. These objectives stress the need for sustainability, environmental soundness and attractive appearance. Suggested stormwater management techniques include retention ponds, water features, rain gardens, permeable surfaces, etc.

For more information about considered stormwater management plans, click here.

Howard Bend Stormwater Conveyance System Concept Plan 
Produced in 2005 by Wenk Associates and submitted to the Howard Bend Levee District
and the City of Maryland Heights, this document presents a conceptual approach creating a stormwater conveyance system for the 8,600 acres comprising the entire Maryland Park Lake District. The document discusses existing infrastructure and stormwater issues and presents various methods for moving, storing and releasing stormwater. The document also considers how these methods would shape land use planning.

For more information about stormwater conveyance systems and considered plans, click here.

Howard Bend Levee District: Information Summary                          
This summary provides a brief view of key information about the Howard Bend Levee District. To view the summary, click here.