A Brief History Of Howard Bend

historyofbendThis edition of the City Planner’s Report provides a summary of the history of the entire Howard Bend Planning Area, which includes the 1,800 comprising the Maryland Park Lake District Development Area. Development of this area is not a new concept. Going back to the 1800s, this area was the site of a theme park, trolley lines, residences, and Creve Coeur Lake-based businesses including ice harvesting, boat rentals and resorts/hotels. In 1945, St. Louis County dedicated Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park as its first park. Since then, the land surrounding the park had undergone extensive improvements including the construction of multiple 500-year levees, the Page Avenue Extension and the Route 141 expansion. This document outlines the Howard Bend Levee District, the roadways construction projects, environmental studies, and planning efforts and updates.

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