City to Negotiate Final Terms of Partnership Agreement with St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation to Build Ice Sports Complex Near Hollywood Casino & Hotel in Maryland Heights

Maryland Heights, Mo., November 13, 2017 – The City of Maryland Heights has approved the preliminary terms of a partnership agreement with the St. Louis Legacy Ice Foundation to develop a multi-purpose ice sports complex at a 25-acre site on Casino Center Drive owned by GLP Capital, LP near the Hollywood Casino & Hotel in Maryland Heights. The state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor ice complex will provide a practice, competition and event destination for a wide variety of ice sports and provide new recreational opportunities for the residents of the City and throughout the region. City staff is now authorized to enter into negotiations with the Foundation that could lead to a final agreement.  Summit Development Group would provide development services on behalf of the Foundation for the project.

Under the preliminary partnership agreement, the City would own the ice sports complex and assist with the project’s financing, including an upfront investment of at least $6.5 million and the issuance of $39 million in bond financing.  The Foundation would operate the facility and provide more than $24 million in funding and private contributions to the project. The City would purchase the site and lease it to the Foundation for 30 years, with options to extend the lease another 25 years. The City and the Foundation have applied for a total of $4 million in Missouri economic development tax credits to be used in the financing package.

The new location is approximately one mile to the north of a site in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park that the Foundation originally proposed for the ice sports complex. The new site lies between the Hollywood Casino & Hotel and Hollywood Casino Ampitheater.

“The City recognizes the tremendous importance of this regional economic development opportunity for our community, and we have created a solution to keep this investment here for many years to come that benefits all parties involved, including our residents,” said Maryland Heights Mayor Mike Moeller.  “This public-private partnership will anchor our vision to transform this area into a valuable regional sports, entertainment, specialty retail and recreational attraction.  This is a win-win situation, and we are excited to enter into the next phase of negotiations. ”

“We appreciate how Mayor Moeller and the City of Maryland Heights have stepped up to keep our project in the same general area as our previous site,” said Patrick Quinn, Chairman of the Foundation, a local not-for-profit dedicated to championing the values inherent in ice sports, including commitment, good sportsmanship, teamwork, personal integrity and respect for others and self.  “Their leadership has created a viable solution to our needs while keeping this new development in St. Louis County.”

The new site lies within an area protected by a system of levees, pumping stations and a stormwater management system constructed in 1994 by Hollywood Casino and the Howard Bend Levee District.  This area has not experienced a flood event since it was opened.

The four-sheet, regional recreation center will be home for a variety of ice sports, amateur and college ice hockey uses, youth tournaments and the practice facility for the St. Louis Blues.  If the City reaches a final partnership agreement with the Foundation, the timeline calls for construction of the project to be completed in late September 2019.



City Resumes Planning Process for Maryland Park Lake District Development Area, Establishes Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Maryland Heights, Mo., January 23, 2017
The City of Maryland Heights has resumed the planning process for approximately 2,000 acres of land in the Maryland Park Lake District after development proposals received last year did not meet the City’s vision for the area. As part of this process, the City has established a Stakeholder Advisory Committee of regulatory and planning agencies with jurisdiction over the area — plus major property owners — to work in partnership with City staff and its Economic Development and Planning Commissions in the preparation of the area’s development plan.

“The City’s vision of a regional sports, entertainment, hospitality and specialty retail destination with lots of open space and water features in the Maryland Park Lake District remains intact,” said Jim Krischke, City Administrator. “What has changed is that the City is now implementing its own fully integrated planning process with the involvement of all our stakeholders instead of relying on developers to do this. Once the plan is completed, developers can propose specific projects that fit directly into our master plan. This is a proactive, holistic approach that balances the needs of the community with the desires of developers.”

The Stakeholder Advisory Committee will consist of representatives from St. Louis County, Howard Bend Levee District, East-West Gateway Council of Governments, Bi-State Development, Great Rivers Greenway, the Parkway and Pattonville School Districts, Pattonville and Monarch Fire Protection Districts, Creve Coeur Airport, Riverport Business Park, Hollywood Casino and McBride Homes. The committee will provide comment and recommendations for the City to consider on a wide range of issues as a final plan for the area is prepared and approved. Committee meetings will be open to the public, and the public will be able to submit written comments to the Committee through the Maryland Park Lake District website once the Committee begins its work.

The Committee is tentatively scheduled to hold its first public meeting in March, with additional meetings held as determined by the Committee. The City anticipates its plans for the Maryland Park Lake District will be completed by late 2017. At that point, the City will consider soliciting proposals from qualified developers to build and operate specific parts of the plan.

“Our partnership with the Stakeholder Advisory Committee provides the City access to the best expertise and planning tools available to make the Maryland Park Lake District the best it can be,” said Wayne Oldroyd, Community Development Director for the City. “While there will always be concerns about any re-use of this area, we believe the greater public good will be served by making this area a premier catalyst for regional growth and development. And with all key stakeholders at the table, we believe the public will get behind our approach and our vision for this area.”

Maryland Park Lake District Stakeholders Advisory 
Committee Organizational Chart

The City has established this Committee of regulatory/planning agencies with jurisdiction over the area-plus major property owners-to work in partnership with City staff and its Economic Development and Planning Commissions in the preparation of the Maryland Park Lake District’s development plan. This color-coded chart shows which agencies and city staff/officials are involved in the Committee. To see the chart, click here.

Development Timeline Extended for Lake District

 Maryland Heights, Mo., August 10, 2016–  The development timeline for the Lake District Development Area has been extended by several months so the City of Maryland Heights can respond to developers’ requests for the City to commit to providing the site’s infrastructure systems prior to the developers making final development commitments.

“The developers told us they need the City to take the lead in having a comprehensive infrastructure and storm water management plan finalized, financed and ready for construction before they can commit to building any developments,” said Jim Krischke, City Administrator.  “So instead of one master developer managing the site infrastructure construction along with other construction, we now have six developers interested in different parts of our 1800-acre site.  We must now develop an integrated infrastructure plan that can meet the needs of all potential developers.  This is complex and will take time, but it does give us the opportunity to incorporate the many ‘green’ water management features that we have envisioned.”

The Howard Bend Levee District built the 500-year levee protecting the development area from the Missouri River, and the City now plans to partner with the Levee District in the storm water management system implementation.  Preliminary engineering plans have been developed by the Levee District to address all storm water management needs of the area.

“We need to refine these plans with the Levee District to meet the potential needs of each development proposal individually and collectively, and then provide the assurance that it will be built,” Krischke added.

A revised development timeline, along with a revised schedule of decision points and public hearings, will soon be posted on the Lake District Development Area website, at

Joint Workshop on July 26 for Maryland Park Lake District will NOT Include Public Comment Period: Series of Public Hearings with Public Comments will begin October 11

Maryland Heights, Mo., July 25, 2016 –  The City of Maryland Heights will host a joint Workshop on July 26 for the City Council, the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Economic Development Commission to learn from City staff about the development proposals submitted for the Maryland Park Lake District development area. The joint Workshop is open to the public, but is NOT a Public Hearing and, as such, will not include the opportunity for the public to present formal comments to elected officials about the proposals. Written questions may be submitted to the City at this event, and staff will provide responses in a timely manner.

A series of monthly Public Hearings on the development plans will begin on October 11, at which time the public is invited to attend and present their comments. A schedule of all Public Hearings is posted on the Maryland Park Lake District website at Additionally, public comments are received at the beginning of City Council meetings, which are held on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Maryland Heights Government Center.

The City is publishing this Media Alert so that any news media or members of the public planning to attend will understand the intent and format of this event in advance. You are cordially invited to attend and cover this event.

When: Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Time: 5:30 – 6:45 p.m.
Where: Maryland Heights Government Center, 11911 Dorsett Road

For questions or more information, please contact Communications Manager Gabby Macaluso at (314) 738-2204.