Maryland Heights Launches New Informational Website for Maryland Park Lake District Development Area

Maryland Heights, Mo.,  June 20, 2016 – A new website to provide the public and the news media with accurate information regarding development in the 1800-acre Maryland Park Lake District (the District) has been launched by the City of Maryland Heights.  Information on the site includes the latest news, a fact sheet with frequently asked questions and answers on a range of key issues, a timeline of the development process including upcoming public meetings and workshops, a collection of planning studies and background documents, a history of the development area, a map and photos.  The new website can be found at

“Much has been discussed and reported publicly over the years about the District, including a great deal of inaccurate information, and we want the public to be fully informed as this process moves forward and gains more attention,” said Jim Krishke, City Administrator for the City of Maryland Heights.  “We are being upfront and accountable with our information. This website will be updated regularly as new information becomes available.”

On June 30 the City will announce the proposals it has received from potential developers for the District and the next steps in the development process.

The District will be a mixed use destination development featuring 30% open and green space.  Development of the District is critical to ensuring the City continues its position as a regional employment and recreation center.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) determined that most of the property in the District is not flood plain and may be developed for commercial, industrial or residential uses and qualifies for federal flood insurance.

“We understand that there are organizations opposed to developing the District,” Krischke added. “Once we have a chance to carefully review all the proposed plans received, we will reach out to these groups to seek ways to incorporate their opinions into the development plans.”